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Mobile Phone & Tablet Unlocking

Many service providers offer cellular devices with their mobile plans. In some cases, these phones come with a pre-installed lock, making them suitable only for a specific network provider. If you wish to opt for an alternate provider, a locked phone will no longer be of any use. If you are a resident of Michigan, Phone Doctorz has the perfect solution for you. We have the expertise and knowledge required to safely unlock your mobile device, enabling it to function with any service provider. Our services also allow you to change your account and phone number, as well.

Phone Doctorz has been providing phone unlocking services to clients since 2008. We have extensive experience in safely unlocking a variety of mobile phone models with different provider plans. Our expert technicians are able to unlock the latest iPhone 5 devices as well.


There are some restrictions when it comes to unlocking your phone. In the mobile industry, there are currently two dominant types of technology used. The first of these is CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technology, and unfortunately, CDMA enabled phones cannot be unlocked. The second type of technology is GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication). If your phone uses GSM technology, it is possible to unlock it easily.