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Our Services

What we do and what can you expect from us

Phone Repair

Phones are no longer the devices they used to be. Currently, many of the latest phones integrate extremely complex technology that allow them to function like high end laptops or computers.

Tablet Repair

Our services repair tablets

Tablets offer much more flexibility and convenience to people than phones does. From watching movies, reading books, creating presentations for work, talking to clients on Skype while on the move to keeping.

Affordable mobile phone & tablet device repair shop

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Our Services

What we do and what can you
expect from us

Laptop repair

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Applying the same experience that we have learned through the years, Phone Doctorz can repair any Mac and PC Laptop, regardless of what the damage is.

Tablet & ipad repair

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Smartphones are not the only mobile device that we can repair! Whether you have an Android Tablet, Kindle, or an iPad, Phone Doctorz can repair and replace any damage that your tablet might have incurred.

Game systems repair

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Xbox, PS, or Wii? No matter what your poison is, it sucks when you can’t play your favorite game. We’ll fix your game console fast – so you can get back to saving the world. Fus Ro Dah!

Phone Repair

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We're not called Phone Doctorz for no reason. We're one of the best when it comes to mobile smartphone repairs. Whether your phone needs resuscitation from drowning, new parts from falling, or from daily wear and tear, the Doctorz will fix it up no problem! See the difference that our highly trained technicians with years of experience can do for your phone.

Phone Unlocking

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Many service providers offer cellular devices with their mobile plans. In some cases, these phones come with a pre-installed lock, making them suitable only for a specific network provider. If you wish to opt for an alternate provider,

Other electronics

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For anything other than the ones mentioned above, contact us via email or call us TODAY to get a quote and see if we can repair it!

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Smart Phone Repair
Phone Doctorz are the MD when it comes to Smart Phone repairs! iPhone, Android, or Windows – Trust your device only to the Doctorz.
Tablet Repairs
We don’t just repair smartphones, Phone Doctorz can repair your tablet devices too! iPad, Android, Kindle, Windows, or whatever under the sun it might be, the Doctorz can fix your tablet in no time.
Mac/PC repairs
Whether your laptop is slow, frozen, or dead, let the Doctorz revive and resuscitate your dying laptop – no matter what the OS is!
Game Console Repairs
When your bang-bang machine gets banged, let the Doctorz fix your game console – we do it so fast you’d think we’re superheroes!
Liquid Damage
Taking out the camera and then replacing it with the new one should be done is exact semblance. Easy and peasy.
Are you travelling? Or just need to switch network just because? Let the Doctorz unlock your device, so you can enjoy what life has to offer!

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The main areas in which we specialize

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